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Win 7 cant authenticate

Hi ,


I have two AMC 7220 Version Active/Standby


I have SSID with 802.1x (termination is on the controller) the radius is NPS,


My problem is that only win 7 can't access to this SSID, i checked the NPS log and i can see that all good,


This the log from controller:


Mar 29 12:10:40  station-up             *  c0:18:85:c4:bd:b1  a8:bd:27:0e:f9:61                  -     -  wpa2 aes
Mar 29 12:10:40  station-term-start     *  c0:18:85:c4:bd:b1  a8:bd:27:0e:f9:61                  1003  -
Mar 29 12:10:40  eap-term-start        ->  c0:18:85:c4:bd:b1  a8:bd:27:0e:f9:61/Technion-Secure  -     -
Mar 29 12:10:40  station-term-start     *  c0:18:85:c4:bd:b1  a8:bd:27:0e:f9:61                  1003  -
Mar 29 12:10:54  station-tls-alert   *     c0:18:85:c4:bd:b1  a8:bd:27:0e:f9:61/Technion-Secure  48    2  failure
Mar 29 12:10:54  station-term-end       *  c0:18:85:c4:bd:b1  a8:bd:27:0e:f9:61/Technion-Secure  1     -  failure
Mar 29 12:10:54  eap-failure           <-  c0:18:85:c4:bd:b1  a8:bd:27:0e:f9:61/Technion-Secure  -     4
Mar 29 12:10:54  station-down           *  c0:18:85:c4:bd:b1  a8:bd:27:0e:f9:61                  -     -


Can someone help ?




Re: Win 7 cant authenticate

Looks like TLS is failing. Have you uploaded a server certificate and your CA certificate to your controller and selected them in your AAA 802.1X auth profile?


Helpful links:






ACCX #540 | ACMX #353 | ACDX #216 | AMFX #11

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Re: Win 7 cant authenticate



Thank you for your replay,

I must mantion that authentication works fine with all devices except win7 !!!


I talked with aruba support and we solved the problem, i craete certificate chain and under the 802.1x authentication profile i added the chain to server certificate ( ca-certificate stays empty)






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