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Wireless backhaul speed and client throughput





Anybody has any theoretical formula to calculate wireless backhaul speed and client throughput for the below setup?




RootAP ------ 5Ghz backhaul --- 1st hop AP ---- 5Ghz backhaul ---- 2nd hop AP ----- (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz association) --- client


Re: Wireless backhaul speed and client throughput

Sorry I'm just now seeing this question...


If you are using single-radio 5Ghz backhaul, then each hop will cut that bandwidth from the client to the root node in half. So if the client is associated at 54meg, that's approx 22meg goodput. Assuming your mesh links are also as good as they can be, you will see 22meg from client to AP2, 22meg from AP2 to AP1, then 11meg from AP1 to RootAP. 


To get real numbers, you need to know the association rates of the client(s) at the AP2, and what the link rates are between AP2-AP1, and AP1-RootAP. 

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