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ap-224 poe behaviour

We are running on our controllers.


A customer observed that occasionally his AP224's were rebooting for no obvious reason. He doesn't run LLDP on his switches.

I did some testing and it seems that without LLDP enabled the AP still behaves as if it is in full power mode, there is no indication that it recognises that the switch has only allocated 15.4W (which is what the switch reports).


The theory is that the AP runs fine (not, apparently, in powersave mode) until it reaches a point where it needs more than the allocated power, and at this point the switch complains - it seems by turning off/resetting the port. Has anyone else observed this?



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Re: ap-224 poe behaviour

The 224's want more power. Are both Ethernet's connected?
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Re: ap-224 poe behaviour

Yes, in my testing I used dual links. I couldn't recreate the problem he had as our test AP is not in a crowded area so I don't know how to fool it into thinking it needs more power -any ideas? But I could see that the switch was only allocating af power so it does appear to fit with what he is reporting.

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