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ap thru rap

So we came up with this great idea.....a temp solution for a new remote site.  We are using a RAP and behind it, we setup a router with ospf to HQ. Beautiful. Server and user networks work great. Our APs though, are not coming up.  They make it to the controller but then we're seeing some sessions/packets in reverse (controller to ap) that are blocked by the firewall (we do not see/have these sessions with the APs that are on the lan - ports 1702, 2293, 2773, 3376, 3855 and more).


So the simple question is, can you place an AP behind a RAP to connect to the controller at HQ?  Or phrased differently, will a "rap tunnel" interfere with AP to controller communication?  (These APs are not going to the public ip that the rap terminates at. It is being routed internally at HQ to the internal aruba-master ip.)


I know this setup sounds crazy but we need 60 APs lit until the permanent circuits are installed and we don't want to have to redesign at that time.


Re: ap thru rap


I am able to do this with no issues.


The question is if the VLAN/IP segment (configured on the wired AP Profile) that the AP is using on E1/E2 port on the RAP is able to do GRE/PAPI 



Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI

Re: ap thru rap

Can you please send over the wired port profile information for that RAP AP-group?  Is the port set to trusted?

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