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ap93 down and controller cannot find them

i have ap93, os6450 P48, os6450 P24, os6450 48 and controller oaw 4604. all ap already provision, but some ap down about 10 ap, (happened 2 times), then i replace with another unit.. it's running find. then that down-ap, i reset with step: purge, set master, set campus_ap... then everything go back fine....

i really dont know what happen, why is happen?


thanx all

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Re: ap93 down and controller cannot find them



Let me understand the following,


1. What controllers (Model -3600/3400/3200/72XX etc..) you are using ? and which AOS(6.1/6.3/6.4 etc..) you are using ?

2. Do you have sufficient AP license installed (show license ) on the Controller

3. How these APs are getting IP address

4. What Master discovery method you are using ?

5. If possible please share the output of "show ap database"


Please comeback with the above, we can fix the issue easily :)

Venu Puduchery,
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