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cannot use TMG as a transparent proxy in different vlans

Hi all,

Recently I've set up a TMG to use as transparent proxy for my guest WIFI. We have two aruba controllers in 2 different sites both configured as masters with different vlans. The TMG is connected on the same core switch as one of the 2 controllers.

I am having some problems setting up my guest client to use the TMG as a transparent proxy in the second site.

Aruba B -----> Core B ------> Core A --------> Aruba A & TMG

The site-A users get the TMG as their default gateway and by applying the



policy on the guest role they have internet access.

The site-B users:

- cannot get the TMG as their default gateway because we have different vlans on the switches

- if they get Core B as their default gateway, they reach the point where they authenticate(secure login) and then nothing….. I gathered that I need to amend the internet policy(applied on the guest role) so that the guest traffic would be redirect to the TMG.

Something like the screen shot below:

 the TMG has as IP address


useranysvc-httpdst-nat ip


Any ideas how I need to change this rule?


Thank you

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