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change controller role from standalone to local



I am configuring a new controller, I chose 'standalone' as its role during the set-up process.


Actually what we want to do is put a basic config on it, connect it to our existing mobility domain so that it downloads all the config from the master, and then promote it to master so we can use it (temporarily) as an independent standalone test controller for 6.5.1.


So how can I change its role to local using the CLI?


Are there any complications to the process of promoting it back to a master once we have the config on it - we will want it to come back up without joining the existing domain.



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Re: change controller role from standalone to local

What model of controller?


You should only have to add it as a local controller to the master via 


masterip <ipaddr> ipsec <key>

Have the controller sync with the Master, then issue 

no masterip 

to have it revert back to Master.


If this controller is going to be on the same L2 network as the proper master after you are done doing this, you should turn off ADP so it does not terminate any new APs.


adp discovery disable






Marcus Wehmeyer
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Re: change controller role from standalone to local

Thanks Marcus


It's a 7220


I'll give that a go


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