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clientmatch best practices

We're looking to do our upgrade soon to take advantage of the arm improvements, and specifically clientmatch.


Anyone using it now care to weigh in on how well it works? Also looking for any suggestions regarding the best way to implement it for best effect.


From what I've seen, it's just a check box. Is there anything else that should or should not be done to have the best clientmatch experience for my users?



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Re: clientmatch best practices

I happen to sit in class right now (at a time where version just got released) and got some advice from the instructor in tuning the power levels. Current best practice is to set the min to 12 and the max to 18. As I am lacking the experience in the field on this topic, I am just heralding the words from the classromm for your convenience.

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Re: clientmatch best practices

12 and 18 is a good starting point.  There are other factors that go into power planning like the clients that will be connecting as well as AP density.  Starting at 12 and 18 is a good beginning.  Lower than 12 when your clients are not in the same room as the AP all the time is not good.  Higher than 18 could cause roaming issues when clients hold on too long.

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