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difference between authentication event 522008 and 522038

Hi I'm troubleshooting a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 wi-fi issue. 

Just like to know the difference between the event 522008 and 522038

The below is the explanation in Aruba's syslog document, they look so similar. I wonder if 522008 occurrs on fast-roaming while 522038 occurrs on the new connection?


522008 User Authentication Successful: username=[name:%s] MAC=[mac:%s] IP=[ip:%s] role=[r:%s] VLAN=[vlan:%d] AP=[ap:%s] SSID=[ssid:%s] AAA profile=[aaa:%s] auth method=[am:%s] auth server=[as:%s] Description: User authenticated


522038 username=[user:%s] MAC=[mac:%s] IP=[ip:%s] Authentication result=[r:%s] method=[m:%s] server=[sg:%s] Description: User authentication was completed using the specified method and server




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