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disable specific log messages



Is it possible to turn off the logging of specific messages?


The problem is that our logs are swamped with messages from authmgr. I believe they are a result of:


logging level errors system


I do not want to turn this off or to a less verbose level, because other errors could be relevant. 


I am interested in ignoring messages from authmgr, specifically 132030,132197,132053, and 132207.


Is this possible?




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Re: disable specific log messages

You should be able to get rid of them using: logging level critical system process authmgr You can replace errors with some higher level to further refine what you see. The syslog message levels are: 0 Emergency: system is unusable 1 Alert: action must be taken immediately 2 Critical: critical conditions 3 Error: error conditions 4 Warning: warning conditions 5 Notice: normal but significant condition 6 Informational: informational messages 7 Debug: debug-level messages If you set a log level to any number, all levels above that (lower numbers) are included. For example, if you set logging level to debugging (level 7), you will see all messages. If you set logging level to 0, you will only see level 0 messages. Do "show logging level verbose" and see what you have you logging levels set to. If you want to exclude those messages you mentioned above, set the level to 2, 1 or 0. I really dont recommend doing this, however, since you might miss other important messages from authmgr.
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