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iPad with Captive Portal issue

We are having an issue trying to connect to guest network. Sometimes it brings up the captive portal page and sometimes it does not. The times it does bring up the captive portal page, it could take up to 5 minutes to come up on the iPad. I have tried iPhones , Android tablets, Windows computers, a Linux laptop and MAC computers and they work fine. None of the iPads are the 3G models, all are Wifi only. The models are iPad 2 and the new iPad. I am not sure which version of the iOS. We are running 6000 controllers with M3 cards with AP-125's running code

Re: iPad with Captive Portal issue

Are you allowing access to 'apple.com'? Depending on how your users are pulling up their iPhone/iOS devices...


Check this article out, but you might be able to modify your CP user role to allow access to 'apple.com'. Also, iOS 6.0 update that just came out may resolve it as it listed a few bug fixes for iOS WLAN.



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Re: iPad with Captive Portal issue

We allow access to anything that is HTTP/HTTPS after they enter in a valid email.

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Re: iPad with Captive Portal issue

well it is about allowing certain things before a user does something. check the information provided on white listing URLs.

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