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ip mobility L3

Hi all,


I have a question about how to configure IP mobility (layer 3)


As per user guide's example:  3 controllers in master, local 1 and local 2 scenario in different buildings. 3 different user vlan's in each mobility controller' so let's say vlan 10 on master, 20 on local1 and 30 on local2. So user of vlan 10 can be connected in any of these3 conotrollers


The configuration of the HAT is done on the master and it is pushed to the locals. We only would need to enable the mobility domain In each controller.


However, my question comes filling in the HAT table. You can only add IP addresses, so do we only need to add the management IP address of the Master, local1 and local2 (assuming all three participate in the mobility domain) ? Do we need to add anything else?


Also any recommendation to troubleshoot it?


there seems to be very limited documentation!

Thanks for your help

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