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mgm-server profile

Trying to edit the profile setting from:





(MIS-ARUBA-7240) (config) #show mgmt-server profile default-amp

Mgmt Config profile "default-amp" (Predefined (editable))

--------------------------------------------------------- Parameter Value --------- -----

Stats Enabled

Tag Enabled

Sessions Enabled

Monitored Info Disabled

Monitored Stats Disabled

Misc Enabled

Location Enabled

Voice Info Disabled



Mgmt Config profile "default-amp" (Predefined (editable))
Parameter        Value
---------        -----
Stats            Enabled
Tag              Enabled
Sessions         Enabled
Monitored Info   Disabled
Monitored Stats  Disabled
Misc             Enabled
Location         Enabled
Voice Info       Disabled





I can not seem to find the correct cli commad to edit the profie.  And do I want to edit this for better info to my AMP?


Re: mgm-server profile

You can edit the profile by the following:


mgmt-server profile default-amp



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Re: mgm-server profile

To edit the profile
Go into configuration mode
(uat-wlc-1.c6.dv) (config) #mgmt-server profile default-amp
(uat-wlc-1.c6.dv) (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #?
clone                                                 Copy data from another Mgmt Config profile
location-enable                               Station RSSI/AP Neighbours enable
misc-enable                                    AP System Stats/Spec Dev/Station Steer Info enable
monitored-info-enable                  Monitored AP/Station Info enable
monitored-stats-enable                Monitored AP/Station Stats enable
no                                                       Delete Command
sessions-enable                            Firewall DNA/App/Aggregate Sessions enable
stats-enable                                    Radio/VAP/Station Stats enable
tag-enable                                       Tag enable
voiceinfo-enable                             Voice Call Record enable

(uat-wlc-1.c6.dv) (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #monitored-info-enable
(uat-wlc-1.c6.dv) (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #

Then just simply type the request settings to enable

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Re: mgm-server profile

I should have posted this first.  Below is where I am getting stuck. The marker (^) is at the word profile (^profile)   AOS :Version



(MIS-ARUBA-7240) (config) #show mgmt-servers

List of Management Servers
Type     Primary Server  Profile
----     --------------  -------
AirWave   default-amp
Num Rows:1

(MIS-ARUBA-7240) (config) #mgmt-server profile default-amp
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

(MIS-ARUBA-7240) (config) #



Re: mgm-server profile

Are you running the command on the master controller?

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Re: mgm-server profile

No I am not.  Can you have several AMP-profiles with different IP's?


I have 4000 soon to be 8000+ APs on 4 AMP servers one is a Master AMP.  4 Aruba 7200 controlles one is a master.  Each of the three locals report data to it's corasponding AMP.


If I can do several mgmt server profiles from the master, I may need to redesign the AMP setup??????? 

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Re: mgm-server profile

Found out that you need to create your profiles first on the master (Max 4 server profiles)


(config) #mgmt-server profile server-amp1

(config) #mgmt-server profile server-amp2

(config) #mgmt-server profile server-amp3

(config) #mgmt-server profile server-amp4


Then go through each profile and give tiem the correct IP address



(config) #mgmt-server type amp primary-server <IP> profile server-amp1

(config) #mgmt-server type amp primary-server <IP> profile server-amp2

(config) #mgmt-server type amp primary-server <IP> profile server-amp3

(config) #mgmt-server type amp primary-server <IP> profile server-amp4




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