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migrate master from 3400 to 7210



we currently have a master-local setup with two 3400 controllers.  We want to migrate the current master to a 7210.  And then later on replace the remaining 3400 also with a 7210.


The current master 'hosts' 67 ap's.  And the local now hosts about 5.  There are thus two ap groups (same config).


I want to migrate the master as smooth as possible.  I noticed in the config you can switch from master to local easily.  So perhaps the procedure would be something like :


1. install 7210 as local, make sure all are running same ArubaOS

2. reconfigure for example 8 ap's so they migrate from master to local -> ap's will reboot

3. migrate 8 licenses to 7210

4. make new ap group, same config but points ap's to 7210

5. reconfigure 8 ap's from step 2 they now move to 7210 -> ap's will reboot

6. etc

7. when all 67 ap's have migrated to 7210, promote 7210 to master

8. degrade 3400 from master to local


Please comment.  Perhaps controllers reboot when promoting to master?

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Re: migrate master from 3400 to 7210

Why don't you introduce the 7210 as a direct replacement to one of the 3400's first?  That way there is no promotion/demotion





1.  Backup flash on current 3400 master.  Copy the flashbackup.tar.gz file onto your computer.

2.  Transfer licenses from 3400 to 7200 serial number using licensing.arubanetworks.com

3.  Make sure 7210 is running the same version of code as the 3400 

3.  Copy the flashbackup.tar.gz file in step 1 to the 7210.  Restore flash on 7210 (don't reboot!)

4.  Paste transferred licenses from 3400 into 7200 (reboot)

5.  Console into 7200 and fix interface connections to your infrastructure (trunks and access ports), because they do not match the 3400 and they will be wrong upon reboot.

6.  Replace the 3400 with the 7210.


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Re: migrate master from 3400 to 7210


Here is a really nice manual on how to do it step by step.






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Re: migrate master from 3400 to 7210



Thread Revive here - i ran into an issue where i followed the backup restore procedure and couldnt get the master/locals to communicate. I struggled for 2 whole days and still couldnt get anything working. After finding this thread, i read the line about ports not matching between the models, then found the guide that was so helpfully placed here and followed it with a successful outcome. Thank you all for posting this as i wasnt able to find it :)  



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