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packet loss

We have a very dense AP deployment (I have disabled some APs on 2.4GHz manually) and although it was working fine so far, many users report problems accessing the web.

Testing with a 2.4GHz laptop, we can ping everything fine (some delays, but no packet loss) but pages fail to load.
Using spectrum analyzer, we’ve found interference classed as 'Microwave', 'Frequency Hopping Cordless phones', printers and smartphones in hotspot mode with signal strength anywhere between -45 to -75dbm.

I would think it can disrupt the communication, but shouldn't we be seeing packet loss on the ping too?
Additionally, most of this interference (maybe apart from the smartphones in tethering mode) was probably a couple of weeks ago as well, when we didn't have any problem at all.

Similarly, we have these cordless phones in other areas without problems.

We do not see the client getting disconnected in any way (deauth, disassociation).

My question is can this interference cause this type of behaviour (ping ok, but no webpages)?


However, we had similar reports (no pages loading) in a lecture theatre where many users were trying to browse simultaneously (about 30 users per radio, no non-Wi-Fi interference).


We don't see how can this be related to the wired network/firewall/dhcp/dns etc as the same users/devices work fine in other buildings.

If not the RF, can there be a firmware issue, maybe anything related to Medium Contention?

If you could share any ideas, it would be much appreciated.

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Re: packet loss



Please PM me your email address.

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