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proper AP-ANT-13B orientation and spacing


To achieve full benefits of MIMO, with 2x2 AP and AP-ANT-13B antennas mounted on a ceiling rail:

1. Should antennas be mounted rotated 90 degs one from another?

2. What should be separation between antennas? Installation Guide states only 12-24" and T shaped alignement for three antennas.


In case of ANT-2x2-STAGE direct mount antennas, when serving clients in low ceiling areas with AP (2x2, N-type) mounted on a ceiling, what should be proper alignment of adjustable "sticks"? Should it be 90 deg between antennas on same radio (which would give us -45 deg from ceiling for both antennas)?


What is original maker's p/n of this antenna? No available radiation pattern for this antenna on Aruba site.



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