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troubleshooting rf

Can anyone give me done pointers how to troubleshoot Rf? I am going to divide each floor up into sectors and making measurements in packet loss, preferred associated AP and signal strength to try and work out where problems are, but other than being methodical (as a newbie that's about all I can do) is there any expertise anyone can share? My methods will take me ages to analyse, and I was wondering if there was a smarter way? I got good snr, good strength, low noise floor (do i guess this is why snr is ok) but poor client connectivity on the dashboard with dropped packets. I am at a loss (pardon the pun!). Also I have back spots... And guess where.... In my boss' office of all places!!!
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Re: troubleshooting rf

Please take a look at our new Validated Reference Design " Managing and Optimizing RF Spectrum for Aruba WLANs on the page here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/technology/reference-design-guides/




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Re: troubleshooting rf

Very good document many thanks
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