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valid certificate ID Controller 3200XM

Hi, I am configuring a Controller 3200XM with 5 105AP. So far all is done but I need now to see the APs, I understand that first I have to enter a Certificate ID (Controler - Licensing Tab) to make it happen but I was only provided with a document that includes the COVERED PRODUCT LIST (SKU-description of the product and Serial numbers) where I see the devices, their serial numbers and the ones of the AP Licenses as well.


So far is all what I have and I have no clue how to get the Certificate ID, could anybody give me a hint on what should I do? 



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Re: valid certificate ID Controller 3200XM

You should start with who you purchased it from, or send an email to support@arubanetworks.com

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Re: valid certificate ID Controller 3200XM

Hi thanks for your feedback, I already did contact the distributor many tiems, they seem not to understand how this works and insist that the documentation sent is what I need. I will go for your second suggestion and contact support.


Thanks again


Re: valid certificate ID Controller 3200XM

When you buy licenses, the distributer should send the license Certificate IDs through email to the registered user/email on the purchase order.   If you do not have this email and the distributer cannot help you, please email support@arubanetworks.com as Colin suggests.  Be prepared to give them the sales order number or customer PO so they can look it up and validate the order.


Once you have these Certificate IDs, you'll need to generate an activation key by visiting https://licensing.arubanetworks.com and matching up the serial number of your controller to the emailed Certificate ID.

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Re: valid certificate ID Controller 3200XM

Hi Guys, thanks for the advices, support already contacted me and I expect to have it solved soon... They asked me for an Aruba Sales Order Number which I hope I can get since it is provided to the reseller and not to us as final customer...

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