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what is different mobility master and master

Recently I was looking at some AOS 8.0 documentation,  the getting started guide mentioning 72xx controllers  can be used as master, which means 72xx can be used as a Mobility master?

However, it is mentioned in other documents that MM has only virtual machines and independent hardware 。


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Re: what is different mobility master and master

i believe there was a previous explanation for this, i quote jrwhitehead.


The Mobility Master is a new component of the Aruba architecture that enables customers to take advantage of advanced features that require central coordination and for networks to scale due to increased demand for mobile and IoT devices. It also replaces the prior functions of the master controller and can be either deployed as a VM or an x86 hardware appliance. The Mobility Master provides automatic RF optimization and enables hitless failover in an unlikely event of a controller outage.

The main thing is you have to decide or know if, in 8.x you want to leverage the features on the Mobility Master (Clustering, NBAPI, Airmatch, etc) or not. If they are not critical to your need, then you can go with 8.x on a controller without MM. If you do want those features, you need the Mobility Manager.



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Re: what is different mobility master and master

So if I do not need Clustering, NBAPI, Airmatch, etc advanced features, I can not need to deploy MM in 8.0?Just deploy master controller and local controller?

Re: what is different mobility master and master

Yes but if you don’t use the MM and try to keep the same architecture (Master/Local) in AOS 8 the master becomes a Mobility Controller Master(MCM) and the MCM can’t terminate APs

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