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A couple of the AOS 6.4 and ClearPass 6.3.1 features



To enable Radius load balancing :

2014-04-27 21_15_39-Switch General Configuration.png


ClearPass Server now allows you to see requests coming to more than one server at same time in access tracker before you could only see one at a time or the other and this is perfect since the controller is able to do load balancing

2014-04-27 10_11_43-ClearPass Policy Manager - Aruba Networks.png



Here's an example of load balancing between two clearpass servers:

2014-04-27 22_40_30-ClearPass Policy Manager - Aruba Networks.png




Another cool feature is that you are now able to see if the device is "Online" 


In order to do this you need to enable accounting under the AAA profile and add ClearPass as an accounting server and make sure that accounting is also enabled under the server configuration settings


2014-04-27 21_17_07-Authentication Profiles.png



2014-04-27 22_30_29-ClearPass Policy Manager - Aruba Networks.png



Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
Super Contributor I

Re: A couple of the AOS 6.4 and ClearPass 6.3.1 features

Victor, thanks for the writing.  These features are really awesome, specially the Radius load-balancing.

~Trinh Nguyen~
Boys Town
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