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Aruba VRD

Has anyone notice that Aruba is the only brand that got something soo useful??


I havent seen any other brand donig that kind of think!


It help me soo much with nasty custumers, that dont like to listen to you when you just want to help! :P

When i need to make a point in how you should do something or how something must be done, i just quote the VRD and thats it... i mean is not something i said, its something ArubaNetworks its saying so then there is no doubt about my point!


I remenber that once i did a commend on a forum of another brand which i will not mention the name of it, but the thing ist hat i told them that why dont you guys have somehitng like ARUbanetworks VRDs? and i explianed them what was it, and hte post was deleted and i was send a message which it tells me that the forum wasnt to point their weakneess or something like that... and the only thing i could do was laugh hahaha oh well...


VRD is one of hte best thing ARuba have ever done... for soo many reasons.


Has anyone seem another brand doing VRD alikes? i havent seem it yet.




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: Aruba VRD

I love the VRDs!
Sean Rynearson
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