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Software-defined Radios in APs?

Nearly all vendors (Aruba included) band lock the radios in their APs meaning one is dedicated to 2.4GHz while the other is dedicated to 5GHz. Does anyone see any advantage or one-off use case for having both radios be band selectable? For instance both operating in 5GHz and serving clients from different channels? Personally I see it as a neat feature but find in most cases it would get little use (other than a few highly specific deployment needs). Maybe as 5GHz HD designs keep growing the need will become more common but for now I'm just not quite getting it.
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Re: Software-defined Radios in APs?

I've actually seen a few of the higher end SOHO units with a pair of 5GHz radios (they're the ones mismarketed as tri band). My best guess would be that set them up so that one is restricted to lower speeds and the other is restricted to higher ones. This means that your single stream phone connecting wouldn't chew up air time, leaving more bandwidth available for your high end laptops.
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