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Aruba 7220 stuck reading default.cfg



I have an Aruba 7220 controller which is getting stuck saying "Reading configuration from default.cfg" - it gets no further after several minutes/hours and I get no login prompt.  It does respond to me pressing RETURN a few times by printing blank lines, so it's not completely frozen.  The LCD panel on the front says the same thing and the buttons don't work.


If I break in at CPboot (at the second "Hit any key to stop autoboot" prompt), then I can do "setenv cfgfile default1.cfg" / "save" / "reset" and get the setup wizard again.  However, at the end of this, I get:



  Do you wish to accept the changes (yes|no)yes
  Creating configuration...Failed to initialize mysql connection.. Continuing.

  System will now restart!


If I now break in to CPboot again and blank cfgfile with "setenv cfgfile" / "save" / "bootf" (or "reset") the controller gets hung on "Reading configuration from default.cfg".  If I don't blank cfgfile, the controlelr re-enters the wizard again.


The 7220 controller is running and was being set up ready to migrate off our existing M3-based infrastructure (running the same release) - I can't remember what configuration was saved on it, but it may have been either blank or had a base configuration ready to be joined to the mobility domain.  However, I don't mind blatting it, although it does have licences on it.


How can I break in and recover the controller (with or without saving the configuration)?




  - Bob



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