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[Tutorial] Tweaking your controllers in 6.3 #mhc



I've created a tutorial for configuring and verifying the most popular features that are new or improved in Aruba OS 6.3. I've tried to make everything as understandable and easy as possible and tried to use the web UI as much as possible for it to be useful for a wider audience.


The topics I cover are:


  • Centralized licensing
  • New redundancy model "Fast Failover"
  • Client match
  • Monitoring with "AMON"

I've attached a .PDF version and a .docx version of the tutorial together with the user guides for Aruba OS 6.3. Good luck with your 6.3 configuration and if you found the tutorial useful, please consider giving me a +1 kudos for it :)





EDIT1: It seems the attachments arn't visible in the app. I'll try to get the material into the post itself tonight again otherwise I'll make them look a bit better at least (they were formatted for the post).


EDIT2: Since I couldn't fit the material into this post I've remade the format of the documents attached so it's better formated and easier for you to read. I've also corrected some spelling errors :) Have a nice weekend!

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