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Radius COA problem between controller and clearpass



I want to use Radius CoA between a controler and Clearpass for disconnect user session with a "Terminate Aruba Session" but it doesn't work.

I have this messge in "acccess tracker"


Status MessageSession-Context-Not-Found



In the controler,


in the RFC Statistics,  all the time the "Disconnect Rej" increment  !!!


in the log of aaa about RFC, i have the message  : 

Dec 30 10:36:28 :121031: <DBUG> |authmgr| |aaa| [rc_api.c:1188] Invalid parameters, setting nas_port_type to wireless
Dec 30 10:36:29 :121031: <DBUG> |authmgr| |aaa| [rc_sequence.c:115] seq_num_timeout_handler: Freed 0 entries


Do you have an idea ?


My configuration : 

CPPM: RADIUS CoA is enabled and using port 3799.

Controller: RFC3746 server defined in AAA profile. Key matches key specific in device details above.









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