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IAP 205 Firmware Upgrade Not Applying

Has anyone experienced issues with firmware not applying? I've just tried to update some IAP 205s in several remote sites using the automatic update and whilst they all say the upgrade succeeded when they reboot and I log back on they are still running the old firmware.


We were upgrading from to


I'm wondering if the firmware download may have timed out so want valid hence why it wasnt applied although I would think that would result in a failed update message.


I also have one set of APs at one site that seem to have lost the admin password after they rebooted. It was obviously working when we initiated the upgrade but now I don't know what it has been reset to. I'm not even sure if the configuration is still intact but it seems to be as the APs still have the IP addresses assigned. Such a pain - will probaby have to go out to site and recover or reset the APs.

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