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AOS8 Configuration file

Dear all,


In the previous AOS version (6.x), the whole configuration of the controller in standalone mode was in an unique file (default.cfg). To provision the controllers, we were able to upload a new configuration file, replace the default.cfg file, and reboot the controller, it was working fine.


With the new version 8, it seems to be more complex. We can easily export the current configuration from a standalone controller with a "copy running-config ..." command, but I have noticed that the default.cfg file is now only containing the configuration after the initial setup, and not the current running configuration.


So, I didn't yet try to replace this default.cfg file with a complete configuration file as I don't want to bricked the controller.


Is there a procedure with  the AOS verion 8 to upload a configuration file? We would like to do it as we have a tool that automatically generate configuration text file for each network equipement to ease deployments.


Thank you,


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