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Master-Local IPSec connection not happening

Before I talk to India I thought I throw this out here.


I have a site with Master/Master backup and 5 local controllers running 3.4.4FIPS.


Recently had to replace a local sup card, the new one which was configured with basic IP settings to enable me to access. I have full HTTPS/SSL connectivity, was able to upgrade to current code and transfer licenses, but cannot get the Master connect to the local. I have deleted the Local Controller IPSec config and readded it on the Master to no avail. I can ping the local from any other local (or other devices), but not from either of the masters. The other locals are in other buildings and subnets, this is a layer 2 network. From the new local I can ping whatever I want, masters, locals, gateways.....


Any thoughts?

Who Me Too'd this topic