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Firmware Download

Hello Aruba Users, I am very new to the forum and to the Aruba systems. I want to evaluate the Aruba wireless controller and bought a MC3200xm and three AP134 online. After first try the webgui says I have to upgrade the boot partition with a newer firmware (it seems that there is a kind of production firmware installed).There was no Software CD /DVD within the box and I have to download such a firmware to get the system running. I contact the official Aruba Support, submitted my serial numbers of the devices and got an active Account for the support web portal. But seriously I am not allowed to download Firmware upgrades of the ArubaOs. So how can I get the system running? We want to evaluate the system, paid a lot of money for the hardware and now we got stuck, because the Aruba support won't grant us access to a runnable firmware. We only need a firmware that activates the system, how can we get that? Is it normal, that a customer does not get access to the Download area? Any ideas what we can do? We really need help, many thanks for answers and support.
Who Me Too'd this topic