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Hi Guys, 

I need some help with IAPs and Central. 


I have seen some posts for this, but it was for the old central. On the new Aruba central is it possible to setup up trap notifications if an AP goes down and can you let me know how to do this please? What other trap notifications are supported in central?

I have found out how to send SNMP traps to devices, just wanted to see if central can generate traps and send it out to an email address. 


If an IAP and central is deployed is it possible to setup a VPN solution/other solution so an existing corporate SSID can be advertised and authenticate the user against CPPM?

The IAPs would be installed in small remote sites. Corporate site has controllers and CPPM already setup. Just wanted to know if the corp SSID can be advertised in the remote site. I am not sure of the connection between these sites and the corp site. What are the options available for this?

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