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Monitoring Access Points on Aruba 72xx


We are currently monitoring access points for some devices using the Aruba Instant MIBs using information from the following tables:

  • aiAccessPointEntry
  • aiClientEntry
  • aiRadioEntry
  • aiWlanEntry

This has worked well for us, however we now need to integrate with the Aruba 7205 - and the MIB is not present.

What integration options are there to get the same (or similar) information about the access points (name, MAC, congestion, CPU), their channels (SSID, Channel, Utilization), and connected clients (name, bytes sent and received, SNR, MAC, IP)

Are there alternative MIBs (if so, where should I be looking),  or is there a REST interface for the 72xx series (in which case where can I find offline documentation for this)

Many thanks


Who Me Too'd this topic