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"advanced" Airwave reporting

Hi there,


I am having some trouble getting the information which our Management require from Airwave, and wonder if anyone else has already solved the problems I am encountering. In some cases the information is availble through the GUI, but this makes it very time consuming to collect. 


A few examples of what I am trying to do are:-


- Create a report which shows user numbers or bandwidth use for the X busiest AP's in folder Y, over time period A 

(Or failing that, all APs in a folder)

- Total clients in given period (eg week) for group of APsin graph format - ideally 2.4 +5  Ghz radios combined

- Report showing times of peak usage for each AP in a group, alongside that peak number.


I am guessing it might be possible to get at the underlying RRDTool type "stuff" (to use a technical phase! :)  to do this?

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