ArubaOS CX

We developed AOS-CX from the ground up as a modern cloud app for network operators. It just happens to ship in a metal box.

Under the hood, AOS-CX is a collection of modern cloud and computer science techniques, built on a foundation of 20 years of network protocol experience. AOS-CX interacts with workloads, micro services, and components. And it’s optimized for automation and machine communications that are increasingly driving today’s digital world.

The benefits of automation and programmable networks aren’t restricted to large enterprises with highly skilled network teams. In fact, the ability to program your network using simple Python scripts and to automate the tedious, manual work of monitoring troubleshooting can give an organization of any size an edge.

AOS-CX is not a development platform for software engineers. It’s a platform for network engineers to improve efficiency, reliability, and productivity.

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