3200 Mobility Controller

3200 Mobility Controller

The Aruba 3000 Multi-Service Controller series is a family of three fully-featured controllers designed to address a wide range of wireless and wired network mobility, security, and remote networking requirements for enterprises of any size.

The Aruba 3200 is designed for the small/branch offices, while the Aruba 3400 and Aruba 3600 are designed for medium/large enterprise or dense office deployments. The 3000 series can be easily installed without any disruption to the existing wired network. The Aruba 3000 series acts as the head-end portion of Aruba’s “virtual edge” architecture, in which Aruba wired and wireless access points installed at the network edge move user traffic to the controller through secure tunnels over any available IP transport network. Running the ArubaOS operating system, the Aruba 3000 series comes standard with advanced authentication, encryption, wireless radio management, and L2/L3 networking features. Optional ArubaOS software modules unlock additional functionality including policy enforcement firewall, VPN server, remote access gateway, secure enterprise wireless mesh, and wireless intrusion prevention.

Controller clustering and centralized management allow even the largest enterprise, with hundreds of controllers, to be managed and maintained with minimal staff overhead. A designated “master” controller may be used to manage multiple “local” controllers, or for larger networks the AirWave Management Platform provides the highest visibility and control for the entire IT staff.

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