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JG963A - QoS

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  • 1.  JG963A - QoS

    Posted Jan 20, 2022 10:29 AM
    two tagged VLANs were configured on a JG963A. One VLAN for the intranet and one VLAN for VoIP. I would like to set up QoS rules for the Voip VLAN.
    In the instructions you will find configuration examples for QoS with this description:
    a. From the navigation tree, select QoS > QoS > QoS Policy.
    b. Apply a QoS policy to the incoming traffic of GigabitEthernet 1/0/2.

    I can still select the port in the web interface, "WebVLAN_200_1" is specified for the name of the policy (wherever that comes from), the "Incoming Mode" is unknown to me.

    The following points then follow in the instructions:
    c. Access the details page for the QoS policy to modify the applied QoS policy as follows:
    − Create IPv4 ACL 2000, and add a rule to permit packets with source IP address and mask
    − Configure the ACL as a match criterion of a class, and specify the associated behavior
    to mark the matched packets with 802.1p priority 0.

    These cannot be found even if I have created a test rule.

    Is there a different guide or a better example?

    Many Thanks.

    Markus Müller

  • 2.  RE: JG963A - QoS

    Posted Jan 20, 2022 11:10 AM
    Hello Markus,

    Could you please check if the following example is working for you:


    Hope this helps!


  • 3.  RE: JG963A - QoS

    Posted Jan 21, 2022 01:59 AM
    Hello Alex,

    Thank you. This helps me enormously.

    Now I have to create a rule that VLAN200 (Voice) vs. prioritized with the VLAN100 (intranet). In VLAN 200, the phones and the PBX server are on HyperV.

    Hope to find something about this. The example in the operating instructions for the switch is not bad.


    Markus Müller

  • 4.  RE: JG963A - QoS

    Posted Feb 28, 2022 06:03 AM
    Hello Markus,

    Thank you for your feedback!