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Mastering Mobility: ArubaOS 8

Sometimes, when you think life’s handing you lemons, it’s really serving you lemonade. That’s how we felt at Swarthmore College when refreshing our Aruba network introduced us to the many streamlining and automation advantages in ArubaOS 8 , the backbone of Aruba’s Mobile First...

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James Cook University's Move to ArubaOS 8

Sometimes events converge to make IT decisions easy. Such was the case for us when we learned the number of Wi-Fi access points we’d need to manage on our main James Cook University (JCU) campus in Townsville, Australia, would more than double. To provide our 22,000 students with the...

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7220 Mobility Controller

Optimized for 802.11ac, the 7200 series features a central processor with eight CPU cores to support over 32,000 devices and stateful firewall policy enforcement at 40 Gbps. New levels of visibility offered by AppRF TM technology allow IT to see applications by user, prioritize them, and...

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How Many Static ARP can be set on Aruba-7xxx Controllers

Q: How many Static ARPs can be set on Aruba-7xxx series Controllers? A: The Aruba-7xxx controllers are 7210, 7205 , 7220, 7240, 7005, 7010, 7024 and 7030. The can be maximum of 64 static ARP entries on these controllers Syntax to add a static ARP on the controller ...

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Discussion Thread 4
FQDN of Controllers

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Discussion Thread 2
Client information

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